Date: October 1-2, 2022

Our very first case competition, BioCase, was a success! Thanks to a fund from the Faculty of Engineering, the McGill Engineering Student Center (MESC) was able to sponsor us, and we were able to offer a wonderful event, complete with mentorship, workshops, food, merchandise, and prizes. But what really made BioCase outstanding was our knowledgeable mentors/judges and our driven participants. Congratulations to group 3 for achieving first place. We are already looking forward to next year!

What is BioCase?

Groups of 2-4 students will work together to design a biotechnology/ bioengineering solution to a specific problem in one of three domains: biomedicine, energy, or sustainability. This will be judged by professors or industry professionals and give students an opportunity to connect with experts in the field. The event will incorporate elements of both traditional design challenges and case competitions allowing students to use varying formats for their technical designs including CAD, software…etc along with a thorough explanation of their creative research.

Congrats to the winning team!

Jake Pringle, Emma Wong, & Riley McDonald

The winning presentation:

BioCase Slide Deck