About Algo

Algal blooms are overgrowths of algae that often result from an imbalance of nutrients in bodies of water, aggravated by agricultural runoff and industrial waste. They can decrease the oxygen content in the water, block sunlight from aquatic life, and produce harmful toxins. Algo is a service that implements devices into bodies of water to control the levels of algae. The collected algae biomass can then be sold or processed further to create fertilizer, biodiesel, and other value-added products. Algo devices consume unwanted algal blooms to produce useful biomass and, in the process, restore the health of aquatic ecosystems.

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The Design

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Team Leads

Kimia Shafighi and Anne Kyung

Subteam Leads

Tahsin Abedi, Justin de Vries, Shagun Sachar, Hasan Sagheer

General Members

Brianna Krane, Thomas King, Charlotte Volk

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