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Research Team

We are currently not accepting new research members. You can still join BioDesign as a General Member, or check back again next September for next year's recruitment!

Coordinator Positions - APPLY HERE!

What does a Coordinator do?

  • Work with VPs to keep the team running

  • Smaller time commitment than VPs

  • Get to see the inner workings of McGill Biodesign

Available roles:

  1. Outreach French Coordinator - 1 required who reports to VP Outreach

  • Assist the VP outreach in their tasks, such as organizing events or reaching out to high schools, cegeps or other organizations - especially in French ones

  • Attend outreach events and engage with students

  • Meet weekly or biweekly with the outreach team

  • Suggest new ideas to the VP outreach

  1. Social Coordinator - 1 required who reports to VP Social

  • Someone who can support the VP Social in various events, logistically and planning-wise

  • This would entail helping VP Outreach organize BioDesign events including Workshops/Speaker Series

  • This is a great way to meet all the members and execs while helping the team foster a sense of community and deepen bonds between members!

  • If you are a sociable, flexible person who also likes to joke around sometimes join VP Social in this journey!

  1. Communications Coordinator - 1 required who reports to VP Communications

  • Will be responsible for biweekly/monthly newsletter with support from VP Communications to collect updates from the project and exec teams to send out our most important ways to keep our club members updated on the latest news of project progression and even competition results!

  • Attributes looked for: good time management and being able to present a good newsletter