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Research Team

BioDesign is not currently recruiting new research members. Check back in Fall 2022 to get involved in our research, and follow us on social media to learn about our next recruitment opportunities. You can also check out other opportunities to get involved below!

Executive Team - APPLY HERE!

BioDesign is currently recruiting for the VP Social and VP Outreach positions.

VP Social:

  • Assists in the creation and maintenance of a vibrant social life within and at the service of the Community. Oversees the planning and implementation of monthly social programs for the BioDesign Community; plans events for the fall and winter.

VP Outreach:

  • Would aid in marketing and creating outreach programs for the club.

Coordinator Positions - APPLY HERE!

What does a Coordinator do?

  • Work with VPs to keep the team running

  • Smaller time commitment than VPs

  • Get to see the inner workings of McGill Biodesign

Available roles:

  1. Finance Coordinator - 1 required

  • Assists the VP Finance in funding applications such as those for SSMU, DTF, MESC, etc.

  • Would be in charge of a part of the application, such as gathering receipts and documentation for proof of expenses or filling out questionnaires for various applications.

  1. Communications Coordinator- 3 required

  • Assist VP Communications with creating and posting social media content promoting upcoming events, workshops, and collaborations

  • Potentially assist with updating and maintaining the website; basic computer science skills and general knowledge of web development are assets

  1. Social Coordinator- 3 required

  • Events coordinator

    • Participates in planning, organising and executing events

    • Helps the VP social organise time/place and set up/ take down events

    • Meet all the members and execs while helping the team foster a sense of community and deepen bonds between members.

  • Outreach coordinator

    • Passionate about encouraging and reaching out to high school/CEGEP students who may not know about bioengineering

    • Helps communicate with high schools/CEGEPs and organize an involvement day

    • Enrich the community, raise awareness about bioeng/biodesign, and take on a bit of responsibility and leadership in the club!

  1. Internal Coordinator - 1 required

  • Recruitment Coordinator (Recruitment 2022)

    • Assists in the recruitment phase of the year

    • Designs the application forms, reads through the applications, and sorts the applicants into their teams/subteams of choice

    • This person will also be responsible for hosting information sessions and attending Activities Night and Involvement Day.

  1. Design Coordinator - 1 required

  • The Design Coordinator will be shadowing the VP Design to prepare to take on this role in the 2022-2023 academic year.

  • The Design Coordinator should have a good eye for design and preferably has prior experience using graphic design software.

  • Tasks include meeting with the VP Design to discuss and make decisions regarding the visual content for the team, as well as helping to design logos, banners, and social media posts.

Scientific Writing/Editing Position - APPLY HERE!

Sci-tech editors: This is a need-basis position, duties include editing documents that have to be submitted for competitions, would help with content-writing for our website if need be.