Meet the 2021-2022 McGill BioDesign Team!

Zoe Goldberger


Zoe is our Co-President, her responsibilities include overseeing the creation and development of the ongoing design projects as well as the club activities ranging from educational workshops to outreach with younger students. She is a U3 bioengineering student who loves to eat good food and foster cats.

Bernadette Ng


Solar-A Team Lead

Bernadette is a U3 Mechanical Engineering student, aspiring to help the projects in McGill Biodesign grow and succeed. As one of the team leads of Solar-A, she is looking forward to working, learning, creating, and designing alongside a team of dedicated members. When she isn't studying in MD-50 or McLennan, catch her at the Fitness Center deadlifting or training with her dragon boat team.

Dahyun (Anne) Kyung

VP Design

Microneedle Patch Team Lead

As VP Design, Anne's job is to oversee the team's visual content. This includes logos, posters, banners, social media posts, and merchandise!

Anne is also the lead for the microneedle patch project. She will be leading the team in the research and design of the patch and will be entering the project into the Biodesign Challenge in June 2022.

Anne is currently in U3 Bioengineering and enjoys exploring cafés, solving sudoku puzzles, and all things creative.

Lan Anh Huynh

VP External

Lan Anh is VP External of BioDesign this year. She is responsible for the external relations of the team and will help bring in sponsors and external opportunities.

Lan Anh is currently in U2 Bioengineering and is interested in the fields of biotechnology and machine learning. During her spare time, she enjoys playing the violin, archery, and reading.

Arneet Kalra

VP Finance

Arneet is the VP Finance of BioDesign this year. His job is to make sure our team has all the financial resources we need to keep our projects moving smoothly!

Arneet was a member of McGill BioDesign working on the BluBand project two years ago. Last year, he served as the Finance Coordinator.

Arneet loves climbing, coding new projects, and watching Netflix.

Charlotte Volk

VP Communications

As VP Communications, Charlotte is responsible for organizing workshops, handling our social media pages, and updating our website.

Charlotte is a U2.5 Bioengineering student who loves to figure skate, read, and crochet.

Shagun Sachar

VP Internal

Shagun is a U3 Bioengineering student who is passionate about neural and regenerative engineering.

As VP Internal, her responsibilities include the recruitment of new members and overlooking the internal affairs of the club.

Her hobbies include experimenting with different rhyme schemes when writing poetry, and lifting heavy!

Karim Mustafa

VP Outreach

Karim is the VP Outreach for BioDesign this year. His responsibilities include reaching out to high schools and CEGEPs, as well as organizing and hosting outreach events.

Karim is a U1 bioengineering student who loves to play the piano, watch anime, read and be outdoors!

Mary Wan

micROS Team Lead

Hi everyone! My name is Mary and I’m a U2 Bioeng student in my 3rd year, and I’m the team lead for the Microfludics project for this year. I am responsible for ensuring that the project runs smoothly, coordinating with subteam leaders and with the MRT team, and contacting our mentor. In my free time, I enjoy nature walks and hiking in Banff, working with little kids, and watching hockey.

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