About Micro-Na

Sodium imbalances are the most commonly experienced electrolyte disorders. In severe cases, they can cause serious health complications and even death. However, current methods for sodium measurements in the body involve blood or urine tests, which can be invasive or uncomfortable for the patient. For this reason, we propose the measurement of sodium levels using a microneedle patch that can be painlessly applied to the skin. By incorporating a sodium-sensitive fluorophore into the needles, we hope to achieve a concentration-dependent fluorescent readout of sodium levels in the body. Our design could thus be used to non-invasively monitor sodium levels in a simple and accurate manner.



This subteam is responsible for selecting the sodium-detecting fluorophore for our patch, and also works to create protocols for testing the fluorescent response of the fluorophore in terms of sensitivity and selectivity.


The role of this subteam is to research the optimal composition and dimensions of the hydrogel microneedles. They are also in charge of writing protocols to test the absorption and mechanical properties of the needles.

Team Lead

Anne Kyung

Anne is the team lead for Micro-Na. She will be leading the team in the research and design of the microneedle patch and will be entering the project into the Biodesign Challenge in June 2022.

Anne is currently in U3 Bioengineering and enjoys exploring cafés, solving sudoku puzzles, and all things creative.

Subteam Leads

Lan Anh Hyunh

Lan Anh is currently in U2 Bioengineering and is interested in the fields of biotechnology and machine learning. During her spare time she enjoys playing the violin, archery, and reading.

Zahra Panju

Zahra is a U2 Chemical Engineering student from Montreal. She is currently the detection subteam lead for the microneedle project. In her spare time, she loves playing tennis, cooking and reading.