Meet the Team!

Charlotte Volk


Charlotte is one of the BioDesign Co-Presidents, and her responsibilities include overseeing the creation and development of the ongoing design projects as well as the club activities ranging from educational workshops to outreach with younger students.

Charlotte is a U4 Bioengineering student interested in computational biology, immunology, neuroscience and oncology. In her free time, she loves to figure skate, read, and crochet.

Lan Anh Huynh


Lan Ahn is a BioDesign Co-President. Alongside Charlotte, she is aspiring to help the projects in McGill Biodesign grow and succeed. As one of the co-presidents of the team, she looks forward to helping team members bring and guide their ideas to life.

Lan Anh is currently in U4 Bioengineering and is interested in the fields of biotechnology, specifically point-of-care and machine learning. During her spare time, she currently enjoys playing the violin, squash, and reading.

Emma Wong

VP Communications

As VP Communications, Emma is responsible for organizing workshops, handling the club's social media pages, the monthly newsletter, and maintaining the website. 

Emma is in U3 Bioengineering and is interested in clinical applications of biotechnology. In her spare time, she can be found running around Montreal, slaving away at crochet projects in the park, and playing guitar.

Young chae Han

VP Design

As VP Design, Young chae is responsible for overseeing all the visual content for the BioDesign team, such as posters, logos, and merchandise.

Young chae is a U4 Bioengineering student and she is interested in wearable point-of-care devices and lab-on-a-chip technologies. In her spare time, she loves to draw, paint, and play badminton.

Sammi Lai

VP Outreach

Sammi is this year's VP Outreach, responsible for organizing BioDesign's social and outreach events to high schools and CEGEPs.

She is a U1 physiology student who loves gaming, making playlists, and meeting new people!

Rachel Jung

Co-VP External

As Co-VP External, Rachel collaborates with Mika to bring in sponsors, create networking opportunities, and ultimately, oversea the external relations of the team. Our goal is to give students the chance to connect with professionals in the field by organizing events, such as Biocase (our case competition), which provides students the opportunity to challenge themselves and gain exposure to the world of biotech outside of McGill.

Rachel is currently in U2 Bioengineering and pursuing stream 2. Outside of Biodesign, Rachel enjoys making and learning about art, music, and loves a good sit-com

Mika Chang

Co-VP External

Mika is Co-VP External of Biodesign this year, alongside Rachel. She is responsible for all of the external affairs of the team, connecting students with industry professionals through networking events, company tours, and case competitions.

Mika is currently a U2 bioengineering student in Stream 3, and loves hockey and brunching.

Tuna Gedik

VP Finance

Tuna is this year's VP Finance of Biodesign. He's responsible for overseeing the finances of the club, including finding funding, accounting, and managing the budget. 

Tuna was a member of the Energy Harvester subteam of Biodesign's Solar-A water filtration backpack project for the past two years. He loves skiing, playing tennis and team sports like soccer, reading about history and politics, volunteering, and acting.

Gabriel Linaje-Ferrel

VP Internal

As VP Internal, Gabriel manages the recruitment and internal affairs of BioDesign. His responsibilities include planning club events, finding new project ideas, and facilitating communication between executives and project members. As a U2 bioengineering student, he’d love to contribute to tissue engineering research and drug development.

 Outside university, he keeps up with soccer news and movie reviews and spends his summers playing baseball.

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