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Currently Recruiting External Coordinators - APPLY HERE!

BioDesign is currently recruiting External Coordinators to assist with planning and running our upcoming BioCase Competition. See here to apply or learn more!

Research Team - APPLY HERE!

With the new projects we have researched over the summer, we are excited to announce that we are beginning recruitment for the most important body in McGill BioDesign: Research Members! They are the core that push our projects to fruition through hard work and passion that help us excel in competitions.

Please note that space is limited (to about 20 members per project), so we will select members in a rolling fashion.

Co-Team Leads - APPLY HERE!

After an in-depth research process over the summer, we are excited to present the next two projects for the upcoming year. We will need two co-team leads for each project to bring them to fruition. Through collaborating with your partner and leading your team, you will develop technical research and leadership skills in this stimulating field.

Please see the following document for a complete overview of the role.

Team Lead Role Description

VP Outreach -  APPLY HERE!

As our club expands, we want to reach people and students outside our university in hopes of fostering inspiration toward the STEM fields through exciting events in our youth community and other specialized organizations. That is where our VP Outreach comes in!

Please see the following document for a complete overview of the role.

VP Outreach Role Description


Have your design skills represented in BioDesign by a creating distinct brand for us including in events, social media, competitions, promo material and more!

Coordinator Positions -  APPLY HERE!

What does a Coordinator do?

Available roles: